Chain Link Fencing Applications and Varieties

Chainlink Fence

Chain-link fence systems can be a complicated ordeal with variations ranging from the typical residential backyard installation, pool code compliance commercial applications, tennis court colored fence systems, 12 foot tall industrial applications with barbed wire and everything in between. Atlantic Fence Supply, Inc. prides itself on making things as easy as possible with our competent, knowledgeable staff. We can assist you in both deciding what is best for your application and providing you a detailed breakdown of necessary parts that you will need for a complete installation. If you are working with a job containing written specifications, we will be glad to inform you what they are asking for and can supply shop drawings and written specification submittals on most chain-link fence systems that are ordered through Atlantic Fence Supply, Inc.

If you’re a seasoned fence professional, a homeowner that would like to install it yourself, or just trying to find some replacement pieces for a chain-link fence, Atlantic Fence Supply, Inc. has plenty of inventory on hand to suit your needs. We stock an extensive supply of chain link materials from 3’ high galvanized residential materials to 10’h black tennis court materials including a wide range of tubing, pipe, and fittings in galvanized, black, and green. Due to the complexity of chain-link fence and the different types and styles of fittings, we do not list everything that is available on our website; please give us a call if you are looking for a specific item. Most importantly, always check with your local county or township, homeowners’ associations, or other local building codes before beginning your project as there might be specific limitations on height, mesh size, and color of any fence system. Make sure that all underground lines are properly marked before attempting any fence installation. Please refer to our Chain-Link resources section for common parts identification, pipe sizes, and chain-link identification tools.

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